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Lawton Street Sewer Renovation and Replacement

Project Description

San Francisco Public Works has partnered with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to complete much needed infrastructure upgrades along Lawton Street. Public Works is managing the project and has hired Esquivel Grading and Paving, Inc. to complete the work. The project will include sewer main replacement, spot sewer repairs, catch-basin and culvert work, curb ramp construction, concrete street base repairs and repaving. Not all blocks will include sewer main replacement work.

Street parking may not be possible on a block during construction hours. In some cases, parking may not be possible on part of the adjacent block as we taper the traffic lanes to accommodate the necessary work zone. Please see the posted barricade signs for exact work hours, days and locations, because they may vary depending on the construction task.

Project Limits

The project limits are Lawton St. from 19th Ave. to Lockslety Ave. and 16th Ave. from Lawton St. South to Lawton St. North (near Hidden Garden Steps)

Blocks scheduled for sewer work

Lawton St. - 19th Ave. to 18th Ave.
Lawton St. - 18th Ave. to 17th Ave.
16th Ave. and Lawton St. intersection
15th Ave. and Lawton St. intersection
Lawton St. - Funston Ave. to 12th Ave.
Lawton St. - 11th Ave. to 10th Ave.
Lawton St.  10th Ave. to 9th Ave.
Lawton St. - 8th Ave. to 7th Ave.



Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Start Date March 2017
Completion Date September 2017
Release Date
Monday, February 27, 2017
Project Manager
Ramon Kong
Project Team

Esquivel Grading and Paving, Inc.

San Francisco Public Works

Alex Murillo, Public Affairs