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Urbano Drive Sewer and Pavement Renovation

November 2017 Construction Update:

All sewer main work is complete except for the sewer section on Paloma from Moncado Way to Ocean Ave. This work is estimated to be complete by November 10.

Curb ramps are approximately 60% complete. Remaining curb ramps and sidewalk work are on Pico, Moncado, Cerritos, Lunado, Estero and Mercedes streets. All curb ramps and concrete work south of the intersection of Moncado Way and Urbano Dr. is estimated to be complete by mid-November.

All PCD 01 catch basins have been installed. All PCO 01 work (14 added catch basins) is limited to the eastern part of Urbano circle on Victoria, Urbano and Pico streets.

Paving work is divided into two phases (due to an issue regarding subbase conditions, paving work is not scheduled at this time. Most likely paving work will begin no later than late January):

  • Phase I: Urbano circle and all blocks south of the circle
  • Phase II: Blocks north of the Urbano Dr. and Moncado Way intersection
  • Base repair is scheduled two weeks before the start of paviing for both phases

The Urbano Drive Sewer and Pavement Renovation project is located in the Ingleside Terrace neighborhood and consists of pavement renovation, curb construction, new ADA ramps and sewer improvements. The work will be completed in several phases, see the sample sequence below:

  • Phase 1: sidewalk and new ADA curb ramp installations
  • Phase 2: sewer line replacement
  • Phase 3: roadway paving

Although last month's rain caused several delays, our crews are busy working on new ADA curb ramps in your neighborhood.

Work Locations and Approximate Timeline:

  • De Soto St. between Urbano Dr. and Halloway Ave. (February - March 2017)
  • Victoria St. between Urbano Dr. and Halloway Ave. (February - March 2017)
  • Moncado Way between Junipero Serra Blvd. and Paloma Ave. (March - April 2017)
  • Head St. between Halloway Ave. and Ashton Ave. ( March - April 2017)
  • Pico Ave. between Ashton Ave. and Urbano Drive (March - April 2017)
  • Paloma Ave. between Junipero Serra Blvd. and Ocean Ave. (April - May 2017)
  • Borica St. between Urbano Dr. to Halloway Ave. (April - May 2017)
  • Corona St. between Urbano Dr. to Halloway Ave. (May - June 2017)
  • Mercedes Way between Paloma Ave. to Junipero Serra Blvd. (June - July 2017)
  • Moncada Way between Paloma Ave. to Urbano Dr. (July - August 2017)
  • Cedro Ave. between Mercedes Way and Urbano Dr. (July - August 2017)
  • Cerritos Ave. between Mercedes Way and Ocean Ave. (September - October 2017)
  • Entrado Ct. and Borica St. (September - October 2017)
  • Corona St. and Urbano Dr. (October - November 2017)
  • Urbano Dr. - complete (March - November 2017)
  • Alviso St. between Urbano Dr. and Halloway Ave. (November - December 2017)
  • Monticello St. between Estero Ave and Halloway Ave. (December 2017 - January 2018)
  • Estero Ave. between Alviso St. and Lunado Way (January - February 2018)

For your information

The City & County of San Francisco and our contractor Precision Engineering are replacing the aging sewer mains with new vitrified clay sewer mains. The old pipes have been videoed internally and are cracked and/or broken. Replacing these pipes now will prevent a possible collapse of the sewer mains and pavement in the future. Sewer service will not be interrupted during the construction.

The contractor will generally work one block at a time to minimize any disruptions to area residents. Since we have several locations under this contract, it may be weeks or months before we start construction on your block. You will be notified approximately 2-weeks ahead of time with specific construction dates.  

Traffic Impacts

Traffic may be temporarily delayed at times as a result of intersection and lane closures necessary to perform the work. Streets will be posted 72 hours in advance of work, with “No Parking / Tow Away” signs to alert the public of the construction and parking restrictions. Vehicles parked on the street during construction work hours will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Access to driveways will be maintained at all times however delays may be possible while crews create a path for your vehicle. Please allow extra travel time during construction. Sidewalk access will be maintained at all times. Please observe the “no-parking” signs.   



Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Start Date March 2017
Completion Date March 2018
Release Date
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
$4.4 million
Project Manager
Ramon Kong
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Precision Engineering

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