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Street Resurfacing Program

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Street Resurfacing Program

San Francisco Public Works maintains more than 900 miles of streets and roadways comprising more than 12,800 street segments or blocks. Streets provide mobility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Neither public transportation nor the movement of goods and services would be possible without a system of well-maintained streets. 

The Public Works Street Resurfacing Program maintains deteriorated City streets through various treatment types, such as grinding and paving from curb to curb and pavement preservation.  Roadway surfaces must be routinely maintained, renewed and resurfaced to extend the service life of the pavement by applying the proper treatment type at different stages of the pavement life.

Street segments are systematically identified for treatment. Coordination with utility companies, and partner City agencies assist in programming street segment candidates across San Francisco.

The Public Works Street Resurfacing Program is dedicated to keep the streets safe and in good condition for all users, and to make improvements strategically and efficiently to ensure safer, smoother and longer-lasting streets to support the City’s multi-modal transportation system.

Check out this interactive map to learn about paving projects in your neighborhood:

NOTE FOR MAP ABOVE:  All Public Works Street Resurfacing Program candidates are subject to substitution and schedule changes pending available funding, visual confirmation, utility clearances and coordination with other agencies and are NOT guaranteed to be moved forward to construction.  Unforeseen challenges, such as increased work scope, changing priorities, cost increases or declining revenue may arise, causing the Public Works Street Resurfacing Program candidates to be postponed or dropped from consideration. 

STATUS In Progress
Release Date
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Project Manager
Ramon Kong
Rachel Gordon, Public Affairs
(415) 554-6045