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Tree Removal Hearing - Monday, 2/26/2018, 5:30pm, Room 416

Order No. 187162

To consider the removal of one (1) significant tree with replacement on the property at 320 Magellan Avenue.


Order No. 187163

To consider the removal of two (2) significant trees with replacement on private property at 2 Garfield Street.


Order No. 187164

To consider the removal of two (2) street trees with replacement adjacent to 173 Bartlett Street.


Order No. 187165

To consider the removal of ten (10) street trees along 24th Street between Folsom and Mission Street.


Order No. 187167

To consider the removal of fifteen (15) street trees with replacement along Haight St. from Masonic to Shrader as part of the Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm Project.


Order No. 187168

To consider the removal of five (5) street trees with replacement as part of the Inner Sunset Streetscape Improvement Project.  The street trees are adjacent to the following addresses: 207 Carl St. (one tree), 450 Irving St. (two trees), 725 Irving St. (one tree) and 1333 9th Ave. (one tree).


Interested parties are encouraged to attend. Persons unable to attend the public hearing may submit written comments regarding the subject matter to the Bureau of Urban Forestry, 1680 Mission Street, 1st floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. These comments will be brought to the attention of the hearing officer and made a part of the official public record.

Further information, if desired, on this matter may be obtained prior to the hearing by phoning the Bureau of Urban Forestry at (415) 554-6700.

For more information about Accessible Meeting, The Sunshine Ordinance, Lobbyist Registration and Reporting requirements, please click the link below.  Thank you!

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