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  • San Francisco Office of AIDS Renovation
  • San Francisco Office of AIDS Renovation

San Francisco Office of AIDS Renovation

The existing building is considered to be a historically significant building with the new tenant improvement areas on the first floor, third floor, fifth floor and sixth floor.  The new San Francisco Office of the AIDS Renovation tenant improvement suite on the first floor will be the main patient area featuring multiple exam rooms, a chart room, a laboratory and staff and office spaces.  The third floor will feature an audio and video conference room, storage room and a break room.  The fifth floor will feature office spaces, a few upgraded exam rooms and a work room.  The sixth floor will feature a main conference room, considered a historical room with vaulted ceiling, audio and video capabilities, renovated offices, a kitchenette, and storage space.

Through this unique and timely funding opportunity, the SOAR Project will expand, renovate, and reorganize the three Research Units of the SF DPH AIDS Office to maximize efficiency and functionality through green and sustainable design.  The construction of this project is anticipated to take place over 16 months and will consist of multiple phases in order to maintain operation of the units and service to the public.  Sequencing of the phases may change as considerations for relocation, cost savings and project delivery time are further evaluated.


Green Building

San Francisco Office of AIDS Renovation – (SOAR) project first floor is expected to exceed the City’s green building design principles delineated in the City and County of San Francisco Environment Code which includes Green Building requirements for the design and construction of public building to be certified at LEED EB Silver-level or higher.  The project first floor has been designed to meet LEED Silver-level certification.



The Request for Proposal for selection of CMGC has just been completed with the announcement of the selected contractor taking place on February 18, 2011.  The selected contractor will begin pre-construction services as soon as an award is in place.  Completion of the construction documents is scheduled for June 2011 and construction scheduled to begin in August 2011.  Construction is expected to last 16 months from start of construction.

Health Centers & Hospitals
STATUS Completed
25 Van Ness Avenue
Completion Date September 2012
$4.9 million
San Francisco Department of Health
Project Team

Public Works
Public Health
Turner Construction

Benito Olguin, AIA, Project Architect