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  • Lower Polk Streetscape Improvements

Lower Polk Streetscape Improvements

In early 2006, the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, the Planning Department, Public Works and the Mayor’s Office of City Greening conducted community workshops to determine the needs of the Lower Polk Street neighborhood. Through the collaborative community planning process, businesses and residents along the corridor identified improvements that would make Polk Street a greener, cleaner and a more inviting environment. 

Improvements include lighting upgrades, new street trees, and sidewalk planters with trees where sub-sidewalk basements occur.

Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS Completed
Polk Street between Sacramento and O'Farrell Streets
Start Date January 2008
Completion Date September 2009
Project Manager
Kris Opbroek
Project Team

Public Works
Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

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Lower Polk Street Factsheet