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Murphy Millwright's Cottage

The Millwright's Cottage, on the western side of the Golden Gate Park, is situated adjacent to the Murphy Windmill currently being restored. Built in 1903 as the residence for the caretaker of the windmill, the Cottage is historically significant. The structure is a two story structure, features a slate-covered pitched roof with side-facing gables and bearing walls of brick, enclosing 2560 square feet, currently used as offices for personnel working on the windmill restoration project. The project scope includes the structural retrofit of the building, restroom remodel, ADA compliance work, and minor interior repair work.

The Barrier Removal and ADA Compliance work includes the remodeling of the main entrance to comply with ADA regulations that includes the construction of an accessible ramp to reach the first floor entry; remodeling of the existing restroom to a single use unisex facility; and remodeling of the kitchen counter and cabinetry to meet ADA standards.

Special Projects
STATUS Completed
Martin Luther King Drive and Great Highway (Golden Gate Park)
Start Date April 2010
Completion Date December 2010
Project Team

Public Works
Recreation and Park
F.W. Associates
SOHA Engineers