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  • One South Van Ness Roof Replacement/Living Roof Project
  • One South Van Ness Roof Replacement/Living Roof Project

One South Van Ness Roof Replacement/Living Roof Project

The Real Estate Department working in partnership with the Department of the Environment and Public Works, designed and installed a living, green roof at One South Van Ness -- part of a larger roof replacement program.

The living roof at One South Van Ness percolates storm water, reduces peak runoff,  reduces cooling loads and energy use within the building, provides a suitable habitat for butterflies & honey bees, and a beautiful park-like view from neighboring buildings. The living roof is 9,500 square foot and captures, stores, and delivers rainwater for irrigation via a 6,500 gallon tank and pump system; which will help reduce the use of potable water during the summer or dry months. The plants on the living roof include a variety of California native and adopted plants including Buckwheat, Stonecrop, Tufted Hair Grass and San Bruno Mountain Manzanita.  In addition to the greenery and environmental benefits, the project team prioritized the reuse of roofing and insulation materials. River rock ballasts were reused around the edges of the living roof, provided by the Park and Recreation Department, and the pathways were made out of existing concrete roof pavers. The living roof was designed with consultant Rana Creek Living Architecture, the designer of the living roof at the California Academy of Sciences.

Special Projects
STATUS Completed
One South Van Ness
Completion Date October 2010
$3 million
Project Team

Public Works
Real Estate Division
Western Roofing

square-foot roof
gallon tank and pump system for irrigation