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  • SoMa West - McCoppin Hub Plaza

SoMa West - McCoppin Hub Plaza

Although originally envisioned as a community garden, the design for the McCoppin Garden has been rethought. As a result of successful food truck event pilots and community meetings, neighbors and merchants worked to redesign and activate the McCoppin space. Several meetings were held over the summer of 2011 to revisit the design for this cul-de-sac space in the hopes of melding the vision for greenery with other ways to revitalize and enliven the space, increasing security through more activity and use. In order to ensure access to the public space, the plaza needs to be configured and designed to meet all state and federal accessibility regulations.

An innovative art piece, designed by the Rebar Art & Design Studio, was recently approved for installation. We are working with other City agencies, and utility companies to legally convert the space from a street into a public plaza, also called a street vacation. OEWD and Public Works are coordinating with Caltrans to obtain necessary construction permits in order to include the back fenced Caltrans land in the overall plaza design. Off the Grid continues to pre-activate the space on Saturdays with food and music, providing a lively community gathering space.

Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS Completed
McCoppin Street and Valencia Street
Start Date January 2013
Completion Date August 2014
Project Team

Public Works
Office of Economic and Workforce Development