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Graffiti Watch Volunteers

Join Graffiti Watch and get the supplies and training needed to help fight graffiti vandalism in your neighborhood. You can email us for more information!

Graffiti Watch is a partnership between the City and its residents to keep graffiti off our streets and sidewalks for a safer and cleaner San Francisco. Graffiti Watch empowers individuals or groups to take ownership of a heavily-tagged four-block area in their neighborhood and remove graffiti from public property such as utility poles, mailboxes, trash receptacles and other street furniture. In return, we provide training and tools.

Removing graffiti quickly, ideally within 24 hours, is key to the success of the Graffiti Watch Program. It s a proven fact that the faster graffiti tags are painted over, the less likely it is that the vandals will return. Your vigilance can make a difference in the appearance of your neighborhood and can discourage other criminal behavior that graffiti attracts.


How do I get involved?

Enter into an agreement with the City as an individual, corporation, merchant group or neighborhood group to adopt a minimum of four blocks where you live or work. To apply, download and fill out the application and mail or fax it to us! Or send us an email to tell us that you are interested. 

If you wish to adopt your street only, join the Adopt-A-Street program to receive free graffiti supplies


What training and supplies will I get? 

Once you join the program, you will attend a two-hour training to learn how to (1) identify and remove graffiti from street furniture and other public property, (2) use graffiti abatement supplies, and (3) work safely. 

As a Graffiti Watch volunteer, you will receive paint to match the public property in your adopted area, graffiti remover for signs, paint brushes and buckets, paint scrapers, wet paint signs, dust masks, safety glasses, and other items. You will also receive a Graffiti Watch safety vest to identify you as a volunteer. If you want to organize a community cleanup, we will help you plan the cleanup and provide additional supplies. 


How do I re-order supplies? 

Call 311 to order supplies and have them delivered to your home or to arrange pick up at the Operations Yard at 2323 Cesar Chavez Street. 


Can I remove graffiti from private property?

By law, it the responsibility of the property owner to keep their property free of graffiti. Volunteers may offer to help if the property owner gives permission and provides the paint.


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