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Dolores Street Water, Sewer and Pavement Project

Construction work will be performed on stretches of Dolores Street from Market Street to Cesar Chavez Street. Construction work will include sewer main replacement, water main installation, traffic signal work, ADA curb-ramp installations and roadway resurfacing.

The sewer main and water main construction work increases reliability and minimizes potential flooding in the area. This work on the sewer and water main will not interrupt the use of household plumbing. However after final water service connections, there may be temporary interruption to water service. This work is traditionally done overnight to minimize disruptions to service. Once the water main installation and sewer replacement work is complete, crews will begin preparations to repave Dolores Street from Market to Cesar Chavez. Public Works will also install new ADA compliant curb-ramps at intersections along Dolores Street.

San Francisco Public Works will manage the construction.



  • Dolores Street, Market Street to 21st Street
  • Dolores Street, 25th Street to Cesar Chavez
  • Abbey Street, Chula Lane to 17th Street


Additional Work and Location Information

Water Main Work on Dolores Street from: 

  • Market Street to 21st Street 
  • 25th Street to Cesar Chavez Street

Sewer Replacement Work on Dolores Street from: 

  • Market to 18th Street 
  • 20th Street to 21stStreet 
  • Clipper Street to Cesar Chavez 
  • 27th Street Intersection 
  • on Abbey St., 17th Street to Chula Lane

New Curb-Ramps on Dolores Street intersections at: 

  • 14th Street 
  • Hildago Terrace 
  • Alert Alley 
  • Chula Lane 
  • 17th Street 
  • Dolores Terrace 
  • Dorland Street 
  • Mission High School 
  • Cumberland Street 
  • 20th Street 
  • Liberty Street 
  • Chula Lane and Abbey Street

Traffic Signal (electrical) Work - intersections: 

  • Dolores Street at 18th Street 
  • Dolores Street at Cesar Chavez Street

Roadway Paving on Dolores Street from: 

  • Market to 21st Street 
  • 25th Street to Cesar Chavez Street
Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS Completed
Dolores Street, from Market Street to Cesar Chavez Street
Start Date December 2014
Completion Date February 2016
Project Team

Public Works
A. Ruiz Construction Co., & Associates, Inc. 

Dadisi Najib, Public Affairs
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