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Outreach and Enforcement Team (OnE Team)

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Outreach and Enforcement Team (OnE Team)

To learn more about how Public Works keeps the City's streets and sidewalks clean read our "In the Works" multi-lingual outreach and code enforcement newspaper. Click here for the Russian version.

San Francisco is a beautiful city and we want to keep it that way. In fact, we want to make it even better. San Francisco Public Works can’t do it alone. That’s why we created the Outreach and Enforcement Team. Comprised of public information officers and program analysts, the OnE Team has a strong community presence.

The team is responsible for educating merchants, property owners, and residents of their rights and responsibilities regarding street and sidewalk cleanliness and enforcing City codes to ensure sanitation standards are met. Team members are assigned geographic zones, each with their unique needs, to keep these San Francisco communities beautiful, vibrant and sustainable.

The Outreach and Enforcement Team meets regularly with the community, attends community meetings and distributes informational packets. Additionally, the team supports Public Works’ programs, such as Giant Sweep, Community Clean Team, Community Corridors and more.


Public Information Officers

The Public Information Officer’s (PIO) primary role is to educate and inform the public and key Public Works partners about federal, state and local laws and ordinances. PIOs work with the general public, residents, merchants and private property owners to:

  • Provide information on cleanliness standards

  • Prevent illegal dumping

  • Investigate complaints

  • Enforce City codes

  • Attend merchant and neighborhood association meetings

  • Resolve issues and concerns raised by the public

  • Work with private and other City agencies to solve problems

  • Inspect City streets and sidewalks by foot

  • Write citations and Notices of Violation when warranted

  • Ensure all property owners maintain adequate garbage services