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Curb Ramp Program

curb ramp

If you are a resident and use a wheelchair, walker, or scooter, you can request a curb ramp in your neighborhood by calling 311 or writing to:

Kevin W. Jensen
Public Works ADA/Disability Access Coordinator
30 Van Ness, Suite 5100
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 415-557-4685
TTY: 415-558-4088
Fax: 415-558-4519

Note: Curb ramp requests are subjected to further review prior to construction.

For individuals with mobility issues to travel independently, curb ramps are essential in providing an accessible path of travel onto and off of public sidewalks to public facilities, accommodations, transportation, shopping districts, health care facilities, etc. Public Works, through its Curb Ramp Program, is committed to providing equal access to all City residents.

 The Access Compliance Section of the Office of the State Architect and State Department of Rehabilitation developed Title 24 Part II which is a building code specifying the requirements for making, among other things, sidewalks and intersections accessible. All City departments and private contractors doing work adjacent to angular curb returns are required to construct curb ramps according to Public Works standards and construction specifications which incorporate both federal and state disability construction codes.

 The objective of the Curb Ramp Program is to provide accessible path of travel for all public sidewalks throughout San Francisco through the installation of curb ramps. Public Works provides the engineering to design the curb ramps. Curb ramp requests and projects come from Public Works's paving projects, DPT, MUNI, Mayor's Office on Disability, SFUSD (School District) and the Recreation and Park Department. For more information on the American with Disabilites Act (ADA) and or to report a greivance, please visit the Mayor's Office on Disability website.

Public Works receives limited funds from Prop K through the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Mayor's Office on Disability and other agencies.