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Justice Facilities Improvement Program

The Justice Facilities Improvement Program (JFIP) defines a strategic approach to replace the Hall of Justice, located at 850 Bryant Street. Built in 1958, the site is bounded by 7th Street on the west, Harrison Street/Interstate 80 on the north, and Harriet Street on the east. Since its original construction, there have been two enhancements: a two-story addition above the Coroner’s office and a rooftop gymnasium serving County Jails One and Two.

The Hall of Justice (HOJ) houses the Superior Court, Police Headquarters, the Police Investigative Unit, the Police Forensics Services Division, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, County Jails Three and Four, Adult Probation and the District Attorney's Office. 

Replacement Strategy

It is anticipated that the courts will remain at 850 Bryant Street. In 2009, the area of the HOJ occupied by the Superior Court became the sole responsibility of the State of California. It is expected that the Superior Court will remain in the east wing of the HOJ until the State provides funding for a new courts’ building.  The Jails #1 and #2 located in 425-7th Street will remain and Jails #3 and #4 will be addressed separately.
The west wing of the Hall of Justice is intended to be demolished once all occupants are relocated, leaving the east wing intact. Each of the HOJ's current occupants will be accommodated in new facilities, some within close proximity to the HOJ. The area that becomes available upon the demolition of the west wing would be made available to the State for a new courts building. 
JFIP will provide new venues for the HOJ occupants at different locations to be determined. These locations will be selected for their required proximity to the jails’ and courts’ function.


The preliminary budget for the Justice Facilities Improvement Program (JFIP) is $1.6 billion; the implementation of the JFIP will rely on funding provided over many years by a combination of general obligation bonds and the City’s general fund.
ESER 2010, passed by voters in June 2010 by a 75% margin, is providing for the delivery of a new Public Safety Building (PSB) to be located in the Mission Bay. ESER 2010 also provides for seismic improvements and repair to fire-fighting facilities and infrastructure throughout the City. The PSB will relocate the Police Command Center, the Southern District Police Station, and provide a new Fire Station #4 in the Mission Bay. Currently both the Police Command Center and Southern District Police Station are housed in the HOJ, which is not expected to allow for normal operations after a major earthquake. The project was inaugurated in April 2015.
In June 2014, San Francisco voters approved the $400 million Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond (ESER 2014) to continue the vital work of the ESER program to pay for repairs and improvements that will allow San Francisco to quickly respond to a major earthquake or disaster. As a part of the City’s Ten-Year Capital Plan (2014-2023), ESER 2014 will further ensure delivery of police and fire services after a major earthquake. ESER 2014 has relocated the Office of Chief Medical Examiner from the HOJ to a new facility at 1 Newhall Street, effective November 2017. Underway is another major project to relocate from the HOJ the Police Traffic Company and its Forensic Service Division (aka Crime Lab)  - the TC&FSD project – to a new site at Evans and Toland Streets. It is expected to be completed in the fall of 2020.

Also to depart the HOJ for leased spaces are the District Attorney, Adult Probation, Police Investigations, and Police Property & Evidence Storage. The Sheriff Records and Warrant will be relocated to occupy the vacated OCME space in the HOJ, and the Jails #3 and #4 and the upper floors of the HOJ will be addressed according to a future Board of Supervisors’ decision.
More information on the ESER program at


Occupants of the Hall of Justice (HOJ) that are included in ESER 2014, such as the San Francisco Police Department Traffic Company and Forensic Services Divisions and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, are scheduled to be relocated by 2018. Provided that bond funding is approved in accordance with the City’s Ten-Year Capital Plan (2014-2023), the remaining City agencies that occupy HOJ will be relocated by no later than 2025. The west wing of the Hall of Justice could be subsequently demolished, making the site available for the State to construct a replacement courts building.

Public Safety
STATUS In Progress
Completion Date January 2025
$1.6 billion
Project Manager
Charles A. Higueras, FAIA