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  • Workers suspended from the cliff of Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill Rock Slope Improvements

The Telegraph Hill Rock Slope safety improvement project is stabilizing the crumbling cliff below Coit Tower, and on the hillside at Chestnut Street. The next phase of work began in April 2016 along the rock slope at Chestnut Street. San Francisco Public Works hired Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc. to perform the work.

The Telegraph Hill rock slope faces east and is located at Kearny between Lombard and Chestnut, and it has a long history of failures and rock slides over the years. A major rockslide occurred in January 2012, where chunks of rock the size of mini vans slid down the hill. More recently, another slide occurred at Chestnut in December 2014.

The project will secure the hillside and reduce the potential for future rock slides in the historic neighborhood and popular lookout spot.

Work on Phase One of the project lasted from November 2014 to June 2015 and secured about half of the hillside with more than 400 rock anchors. Public Works hired Geo Stabilization International to perform the work: excavating and hauling out several tons of loose rock from the cliff, drilling hundreds of holes, some 30 feet deep, installing sturdy rock anchors and covering the vulnerable rocky areas with a hefty wire mesh.

Work is curently being performed along the rock slope at Chestnut Street at Kearny. Check out photos from April 29.

It is scheduled to last 60 days, at which point the contractor will begin work to the hillside below Coit Tower to the south of the work performed in Phase One.

Please expect some construction and excavation related impacts during the working hours of the project, including noise, and parking restrictions and traffic reroutes. Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc. and San Francisco Public Works would like to thank you in advance for your patience while we make these vital safety improvements in your neighborhood.

Contact (contractor): 
Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc 
Darin Gossett
(925) 978-2060
Public Works
Greg Crump
(415) 423-4260




Phase One Project Description (archive)

San Francisco Public Works hired Geo Stabilization International to perform work along the Telegraph Hill rock slope on the east side of the cliff at Lombard Street, below Coit Tower. The work included rock/slope repair, rock excavation and haul, and slope stabilization.

This critical safety work lasted from November 2014 to June 2015.



4/4/16 Work at Chestnut Street rock slope set to begin April 11; notices sent to neighbors.  


Phase Two is set to begin in the spring of 2016, covering the southern portion of the hill and along Chestnut.


Workers are drilling the final holes for rock anchors on the cliff; shotcrete being applied; wire meshes being installed; complexities with the project have pushed the completion date to mid-June 2015


Drilling and installation of rock anchors continues


Crews begin the drilling work, hundreds of 30' deep holes to be drilled in strategic spots on the slope for rock anchors.


Work resumes after holiday break. Scaling work and prep for drilling.


San Francisco Chronicle: City chips away below Coit Tower to stabilize hill’s slope


Crews clean up project area and close down operations until January 5, 2015, break for the holidays


Public meeting held at 140 Lombard, overview of project for neighbors


Heavy rain in Bay Area leads to small slide in area adjacent to project area which was quickly cleaned up (photos)
ABC7: Monday's storm brings minor flooding, damage to San Francisco
KTVU: Continuing rain raises concerns about slides, flooding


UPDATE: Work will shutdown for the holidays beginning on December 19th. Work will resume again on January 5th.


VIDEO: Workers here scraping off loose rocks


Mayor Ed Lee visits project site. Workers this week and next will be scraping off loose rocks. (photos
KTVU: City of San Francisco works ahead of storm to prevent slide 
ABC7: SF crews work to stabilize Telegraph Hill ahead of storm 
CBS5: Crews rappel down Telegraph Hill to prevent rock slides before big storm


Mobilization and setup work from Nov. 17 through Dec. 5; scaling work planned for Dec. 8 through to the holiday


Work Begins on Project to Secure Rock Slope Below Coit Tower (press release)


6-Month Telegraph Hill Rockslide Prevention Project Begins In San Francisco (KCBS)


Special Projects
STATUS In Progress
Telegraph Hill rock slope on the east side of the cliff at Lombard Street, below Coit Tower
Start Date November 2014
Completion Date October 2016
$9.4 million
Project Team

Public Works

Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc.
Darin Gossett
(925) 978-2060

Greg Crump, Public Affairs