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Irving Streetscape Improvements Project

The Irving Streetscape Improvement Project extends from 19th to 27th avenues in the City’s Outer Sunset district (map). Irving Street is the local commercial district for the surrounding residential neighborhood. The renovation will provide a safer and more inviting environment for pedestrians, motorists and transit riders. The streetscape project is joint with sewer replacement, curb ramp upgrades, and road repaving from 19th Avenue to the Great Highway.

Construction for the streetscape section of the project (19th to 27th avenues) is nearly complete! The contractor finalized the road repaving before Thanksgiving 2016, and is currently scheduling final items, some of which have recently been completed.

Remaining work for the streetscape includes:

  • Installation of decorative crosswalks at 20th, 22nd and 27th avenues
  • Irving Street gateway columns in the new bulbouts fronting the 22nd Avenue Produce Market and Salon De Hong Kong
  • Connection of new LED streetlights between 19th and 22nd avenues
  • Small changes to the SoMa Stones at 22nd and 25th avenues. The overall amount of stones will be reduced and some will be replaced with round planters that will increase greening and provide a new activation for the bulbouts. 


Community Meetings

  • Community Meeting Four
  • Community Meeting Three
  • Community Meeting Two
  • Community Meeting One
    This community meeting included introductions, an overview of the project and planning process, presentation boards, group discussion and a question & answer period.
Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Irving Street, between 19th and 26th avenues
Start Date July 2013
Completion Date January 2017
Project Manager
Mike Rieger
Project Team

San Francisco Public Works

Shaw Pipeline, Inc.

Dadisi Najib