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  • 2492J - 25th Avenue from Clement to Fulton - Sewer and Paving

25th Avenue Sewer Replacement & Pavement Renovation (2492J)

San Francisco Public Works will replace the sewer main line along 25th Avenue from Clement Street to Fulton Street.  Our engineers have inspected the sewer main and determined that it needs to be replaced.  Lateral sewers may also be replaced, where appropriate.  The scope of work will also include some sidewalk work.  The contractor will begin roadway paving at Clement Street continue south towards Fulton Street. 

New Bus Pads

Bus pads will be installed at Clement Street and also Balboa Street.  Bus pads:

  • Allow buses to align with sidewalk for faster boarding
  • Reduce delay for buses merging into traffic
  • Allow space for transit shelters and other amenities

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November Updates (last updated 11/14/16)             

Balboa Street to Cabrillo Street - sewer main replacement began Nov 14th.  Continues through November.
Anza Street to Balboa Street - sewer work and temp paving completed
Geary Boulevard to Anza Street - sewer lateral work continues.  Base repair anticipated Nov 21-23.
Clement Street to Geary Boulevard - sewer and temp paving completed

Project Schedule

25th Avenue (Clement Street to Fulton Fulton) August 2016 through February 2017.  

The work on this project is being conducted under Contract No. 2492J - Various Locations No. 20 (Pavement Renovation and Sewer Replacement) which will continue throughout 2017 and includes the following locations:

  • 25th Ave - Clement to Fulton
  • Maynard - Mission to Craut
  • Maynard - Gladstone to Trumbull
  • Stoneybrook - Gladstone to Trumbull
  • Stoneybrook - Cambridge to Alemany
  • Santa Rosa - End to Capistrano
  • Santa Rosa - Cayuga to Mission
  • Ellington - Whipple to Naglee
  • Lowell - Mission to Hanover
  • De Long - Santa Cruz to San Jose
  • Flournoy - Delong to End


Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Start Date August 2016
Completion Date May 2017
Release Date
Thursday, August 25, 2016
Project Manager
Ramon Kong
Project Team

Esquivel Grading and Paving Co.
San Francisco Public Works 

Grace L.Moore, Public Affairs
415 558 5282