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  • Chinatown Alleyway Renovation Program
  • Chinatown Alleyway Renovation Program

Chinatown Alleyway Renovation Program

In 1998, A Chinatown Alleyway Master Plan was commissioned by Public Works and authored by the non-profit Chinatown Community Development Center, to provide guidelines for the renovation of 31 alleys in Chinatown. The alleyway renovation projects were designed to reduce illegal parking and vehicle access, in order to improve pedestrian safety, mandate access improvements for the disabled and elderly, reduce illegal dumping through the consolidation of dumpster areas, create open space through the installation of landscape features and seating where appropriate, provide attractive and safe secondary streets for tourists and visitors, resulting in economic vitality for Chinatown, and improve the overall quality of life for Chinatown residents.

Since the adoption of the Chinatown Alleyway Master Plan, four phases of alleyway renovation projects have been completed to date. The alleys renovated include Jack Kerouac, Waverly Place (two alleys), John, Commercial, Ross, Cordelia and Hang Ah. The last phase, phase five: Beckett, Wentworth and Cooper alleyways will be completed in 2010. The transformation of these public spaces benefits the millions of tourists that visit the Chinatown neighborhood, along with the nearly 20,000 residents who live and work in Chinatown. San Francisco's Chinatown is one of the nation's most densely populated neighborhoods outside Manhattan, New York.

While there are currently no identified funds to provide improvements to the remaining alleys, Public Works is working to include this category of improvements into the City's 10-year Capital Plan. The Capital Plan is a long term 10-year plan that identifies, analyzes, and prioritizes capital improvements citywide.

Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS Completed
31 alleys in Chinatown
Start Date February 1999
Completion Date February 2010
Chinatown Community Development Center