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Public Works Hearing - Monday, 4/24/2017, 9am, Room 400


Order No. 185860

To consider the protests filed with respect to the issuance of tentative approvals for the following applications for a Personal Wireless Service Site Facility permit:

Application Address
16WR-0011 2395 Francisco St
16WR-0313 3612 26th St
16WR-0341 2800 Mission St
16WR-0344 3110 23rd St
16WR-0455 1560 Powell St
16WR-0479 851 Bay St
16WR-0501 1102 Mason St


Order No. 185884

To consider the validity of notices to repair that have been issued to various property owners and utility agencies for the restoration of public right-of-way sidewalks on blocks in the Oceanside neighborhood bordered by:

   Shields Street on the North;
   Orizaba Avenue on the East;
   Sargent Street and Brotherhood Way on the South and 
   Ralston Street and Ramsell Street on the West


Interested parties are encouraged to attend. Persons unable to attend the public hearing may submit written comments regarding the subject matter to:

San Francisco Public Works

Bureau of Street-Use & Mapping

1155 Market Street 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103

If received the day before the hearing, written comments shall be brought to the attention of the Hearing Officer and will be made a part of the official public record of this proceeding.

Further information on this matter may be obtained prior to the hearing, at (415) 554-5810.

For more information about Accessible Meeting, The Sunshine Ordinance, Lobbyist Registration and Reporting requirements, please follow the link below 

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Start Date April 2017
Completion Date April 2017
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017