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staff cleaning sidewalk during eco blitz

San Francisco Public Works is starting a new round of Eco Blitz cleanups that bring a full force of work crews to targeted neighborhoods to sweep and steam clean sidewalks, flush down streets, pull weeds, spruce up public trash cans, paint out graffiti, freshen tree basins, prune City-maintained trees, clear leaves and litter from catch basins, remove illegal postings from utility poles and more! 

Eco Blitz 2015 crews are on the street Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings through the summer. Their work will focus on heavy-use commercial corridors and adjacent alleyways and augment the regularly scheduled cleaning services in those areas.

The Public Works Outreach and Enforcement Team also will be on the ground reminding businesses and property owners of their responsibilities in keeping their fronting sidewalks free of grime and litter over the long term. The team will create service requests for public right-of-way deficiencies they come across, such as broken street lights, fading curb paint and vandalized trash cans, and follow up with dogged determination to get the problems fixed.

Eco Blitz is about taking pride in our city. Join the team. Keep SF clean