Green Benefit District Formation Process

The Green Benefit District formation process is broken into three phases, which includes Phase 1: District Feasibility, Outreach, and Planning , Phase 2: Legal Review and Legislative Process, and Phase 3: District Establishment.


Phase 1: District Feasibility, Outreach, and Planning

  1. Convene Meeting of interested property owners 

  2. Form Steering Committee representative of the neighborhood 

  3. Hold an initial Steering Committee meeting to set vision and elect leadership 

Street Parks Program

The Street Parks Program is a partnership involving Public Works, the San Francisco Parks Alliance and the residents of San Francisco, with the common goal of creating community-managed spaces on City-owned land.  The Street Parks program transforms Public Works-owned parcels into green open space, gardens, neighborhood gathering spaces and more.  Since the program’s inception in 2004, more than 100 Street Parks have been developed and more are in progress.

Green Benefit Districts

The Green Benefit District program seeks to improve the quality of the public realm – the City’s streets, sidewalks, parks and open spaces – within residential and mixed-use neighborhoods. 

San Francisco’s first Green Benefit District, the Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District was approved by 76% of property owners in July 2015. 


What is a Green Benefit District?


The Public Works’ grant program, in partnership with the Department of the Environment, is focused on making San Francisco a beautiful, livable, and sustainable city. Public Works enhances the quality of life in San Francisco as a responsible steward of the public’s physical assets by providing outstanding service in partnership with the community.