Posting Signs

The public may post information on some utility poles if the postings follow regulations outlined in Article 5.6 of the Public Works Code.


At various times, new sub-divisions are developed within the City and County of San Francisco. During the development of the subdivision, new roads and infrastructure may be required to support the development. Upon request by the project sponsor, and after the completion of project, the project sponsor is then responsible for the maintenance of the new roads and infrastructure.

These streets and infrastructure may then be offered to the City as public right of way upon completion of the warranty period.

Subdivisions and Mapping

Public Works' mapping division processes and reviews all subdivision projects that occur in San Francisco, including all condominium conversions.  We also provide surveying services for all city agencies.

News Rack Program

Street furniture, such as Newsracks, are a vital part of our sidewalk environment. Newsracks encourage economic development in our commercial districts and are one of many ways to activate the space in the public right of way under the SF Better Streets Plan.

Fixed Pedestal News Rack Zones

Pedmount News Rack Zones were established in 2002 throughout downtown San Francisco, South of Market and in Northbeach.  Beginning in 2009, pedmount zones were established throughout the city on residential commercial corridors including, 24th Street in Noe Valley, West Portal, Irving and Taraval.  Once a fixed pedestal zone is completed and the new racks are installed, all free standing news racks must be removed.  Free standing racks are not allowed within pedestal zones.  For more information about Fixed Pedestal Zones or about free standing news racks, please call 415-554-5810. 

News Rack Advisory Committee

Advisory committee members are newspaper distributors and concerned citizens appointed by the Director of Public Works. The News Rack Advisory Committee meets to discuss policies and procedures and to make recommendations to the Director of Public Works to amend the Guidelines Regarding News Racks and other program needs. Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. To receive meeting notifications, send your email address to the Newsrack Advisory Committee

Utility Undergrounding Information

For all property owners who are interested in undergrounding their utilities within their neighborhood, the Utility Undergrounding Tool Kit provides San Francisco residents with a step-by-step approach to forming a property-owner funded undergrounding utility district.  Listed below are the basic steps in the tool kit.     


Utility Undergrounding Tool Kit Basic Steps

Concrete Contractors

The following list is provided for the convenience of the recipient and no recommendation is inferred or implied. The following is a sample list of concrete contractors found in the phone book under "Concrete" and is to be used for informational purposes only.  All contractors listed possess an A and /or C-8 Constractor's License and $25K Excavation Bond. Referral to this list does not constitute an endorsement by the City or its personnel, and the user is encouraged to call seve

Unwanted Handbills and Newspapers

Newspapers on your sidewalk or handbills attached to your property can be a nuisance leading to neighborhood litter and sidewalk trash. There are city codes in place to help prevent the problem of unsolicited pamphlets and unwanted newspapers.


Handbills on Private Premises