Plant Lists and Plant Palettes

Map of San Francisco Climate Zones

The City of San Francisco may arguably have over 26 microclimates. For a climate zone map that illustrates the three major climates zones of San Francisco (Zones 1-3) and will assist you in selecting adaptable plants for your zone, see below:



Paving, Mulch and Edge Treatment Material Options

Public Works has developed a list of paving and mulch material options for sidewalk landscaping installations. The list of material options was developed for As-Needed Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program (SIRP) sidewalk landscape installations, however this list is useful to aid residents and/or contractors with finalizing material selection for all sidewalk landscape installations.


Construction Material Options

Easy to Install Construction Details

Permeable Paving Detail Drawings

1. For a detail for installing a permeable paving system of pavers over an aggregate base adjacent to a planting bed, see below. Note that you will be required to install a rigid edge to help secure the permeable base material. This will help reduce any potential subsidence of the pavers.

Posting Signs

The public may post information on some utility poles if the postings follow regulations outlined in Article 5.6 of the Public Works Code.


At various times, new sub-divisions are developed within the City and County of San Francisco. During the development of the subdivision, new roads and infrastructure may be required to support the development. Upon request by the project sponsor, and after the completion of project, the project sponsor is then responsible for the maintenance of the new roads and infrastructure.

These streets and infrastructure may then be offered to the City as public right of way upon completion of the warranty period.

Cleaning Programs

We partner with property owners to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness along San Francisco’s busiest neighborhoods and commercial corridors to keep them safe, beautiful and inviting. Our staff are out on the streets, sometimes before the sun rises, to inspect rights of way, enforce codes and educate merchants and residents about City codes.

Recycle Your Junk and Bulky Item Collection Information

Did you know that it is illegal to leave furniture or appliances on the sidewalk? Sidewalk Dumping can result in citations and fines unless you have a scheduled pick up from a licensed hauler or donation facility.

Did you also know that there are quick, convenient and free ways to get rid of your old junk?

2013 Proceedings Exhibits


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  • Final Rate Application Recology


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  • 2. Post-Filing Changes Recology

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