Subdivisions and Mapping

Public Works' mapping division processes and reviews all subdivision projects that occur in San Francisco, including all condominium conversions.  We also provide surveying services for all city agencies.

News Rack Program

Street furniture, such as Newsracks, are a vital part of our sidewalk environment. Newsracks encourage economic development in our commercial districts and are one of many ways to activate the space in the public right of way under the SF Better Streets Plan.

Fixed Pedestal News Rack Zones

Pedmount News Rack Zones were established in 2002 throughout downtown San Francisco, South of Market and in Northbeach.  Beginning in 2009, pedmount zones were established throughout the city on residential commercial corridors including, 24th Street in Noe Valley, West Portal, Irving and Taraval.  Once a fixed pedestal zone is completed and the new racks are installed, all free standing news racks must be removed.  Free standing racks are not allowed within pedestal zones.  For more information about Fixed Pedestal Zones or about free standing news racks, please call 415-554-5810. 

Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program

The Public Works Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program makes it easier and less expensive for property owners to comply with City and State codes that require them to keep their sidewalks free of defects. The program accomplishes this by coordinating large-scale sidewalk improvements, making the process streamlined and efficient for property owners. Proactive sidewalk inspections of all city sidewalks are on a 25-year cycle to get repairs. That means, every 25 years, all city sidewalks are inspected and repaired as part of the program.

News Rack Advisory Committee

Advisory committee members are newspaper distributors and concerned citizens appointed by the Director of Public Works. The News Rack Advisory Committee meets to discuss policies and procedures and to make recommendations to the Director of Public Works to amend the Guidelines Regarding News Racks and other program needs. Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. To receive meeting notifications, send your email address to the Newsrack Advisory Committee

Street Sweeping

We clean about ninety percent of San Francisco streets with mechanical sweepers. We cover 150,000 curb miles and remove 25,000 tons of litter and debris every year. Generally, we sweep residential streets weekly or twice per month and sweeps commercial areas at least once per week. Mechanical sweepers remove litter from your neighborhood and shopping corridors and also prevent grime and pollutants from entering the City's combined sewer system and therefore reduces the amount of pollutants entering the San Francisco bay and Pacific Ocean!



In the July 2017 Committee for Utility Liaison on Construction and Other Projects (CULCOP) meeting, the Committee will discuss issues related to the permitting and construction of Surface-Mounted Facilities (SMFs). Public Works Code Article 27, Section 2730 requires that Public Works convene a meeting once a year with Persons who submitted Applications for SMF Site Permits. Please come to provide an update on technological advancements, graffiti and blight abatement, and community outreach efficacy.

Utility Undergrounding Information

For all property owners who are interested in undergrounding their utilities within their neighborhood, the Utility Undergrounding Tool Kit provides San Francisco residents with a step-by-step approach to forming a property-owner funded undergrounding utility district.  Listed below are the basic steps in the tool kit.     


Utility Undergrounding Tool Kit Basic Steps