Urban Harvesting Program

Urban Harvesting Factsheet and Application

We are working with San Francisco residents and businesses to help collect and distribute food grown from trees and community gardens for distribution at shelters, food banks and other places of need. You can participate by registering your fruit trees and working with our Urban Harvesting Program.

Increase access to healthy and nutritious food in the community
The goal of this program is to:

Graffiti Watch

Join Graffiti Watch and get the supplies and training needed to help fight graffiti vandalism in your neighborhood. You can email us for more information!

Community Clean Team

Community Clean Team is San Francisco Public Works’ longest-running and largest volunteer program that keeps San Francisco beautiful through landscaping and gardening projects, graffiti removal and litter cleanup in our neighborhoods. Community Clean Team, in partnership with the Giant Sweep anti-litter campaign, needs your help to keep our city clean and green in 2018. Join us and volunteer!

Upcoming event: January 20 - District 3 at Portsmouth Square, 733 Kearny St. - Register Here! 

2018 Dates:

January 20 District 3 Portsmouth Square, 733 Kearny St.
February 10 District 11 Balboa High School, 100 Cayuga Ave.
March 17 District 1 Washington High School, 600 - 32nd Ave.
April 21 District 8  Everett Middle School, 450 Church St.
May 19 District 4 Sunset Elementary School, 1920 - 41st Ave.
June 16 District 9 John O'Connell High School, 2355 Folsom St.
July 28 District 5 Stanyan/Waller Skate Park, Stanyan and Waller streets
August 18 District 6 Father Alfred E. Boeddeker Park, 246 Eddy St.
September 15 District 10 Warm Water Cove, 300 - 24th St.
October 27 District 7 Lowell High School, 1101 Eucalyptus Dr.
November 17 District 2 Galileo High School, 1150 Francisco St.

What you need to know before you volunteer:

Community Clean Team is a fun event for people of all ages! You can register as a team or as an individual.

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the speaking program begins at 9 a.m.

A complimentary lunch will be served at 12 p.m. after the neighborhood improvements are complete.

Remember to bring your reusable water bottle to help us reduce waste.

Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes and appropriate work clothes.

Adopt-A-Street Program


The Adopt-A-Street Program is a partnership between the City and its merchants and residents. Groups or individuals agree to adopt an area and take responsibility for keeping the street, sidewalk, and storm drain clean. In return, we provide free street cleaning supplies, and litter and compostable leaf bag pickup.


Public Works has many opportunities for volunteers to clean and green San Francisco!

For more information on volunteer oppotunities, or to inquire about specific events, please send an email to: volunteer@sfdpw.org.