Street Dedication and Acceptance

At various times, new subdivision are developed within the City and County of San Francisco. During the development of the subdivision, new roads and infrastructure may be required to support the development. The roads and infrastructure may be offered to the City as a right of way.



Please do not feed the pigeons. There are dozens of reasons why, but mainly: feeding pigeons harms our neighborhoods and also harms the birds.


Large population of pigeons is a health hazard.

Missing Sewer Vent Covers

Missing sewer vent covers can create tripping hazards and collect garbage.  We strongly encourage property owners to replace sewer vent covers in front of their property as soon as possible in order to avoid fines and prevent pedestrian injuries that they be may responsible for and lead to litigation.

Establishing Street Names

Street names are generally established during the development / subdivision of land.  Renaming streets can be initiated by members of the public or the Board of Supervisors. 

Gifts to Public Works

This page is dedicated to the reporting of gifts to San Francisco Public Works. Proposition G, an amendment to the Sunshine Ordinance, places certain conditions on accepting or spending funds by private entities for City functions. 

Other Services A-Z

Our A-Z page includes many of our other services, projects, activities and topics of interest that don’t easily fall into our main categories. If you can’t find it here, please contact us.