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Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm Project

The Haight Street of today is markedly different than the Haight Street of past generations but many aspects of the public realm remain relatively unchanged. The Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm project is based on a community-supported vision to revitalize the streets, sidewalks and public spaces in the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. The future design of Haight Street will enable the greatest possible degree of flexibility by creating urban spaces that are able to evolve with the changing demands of the neighborhood.

The project limits span half a mile on Haight Street from Stanyan St. to Central Ave. Haight Street's new design will build upon the unique local character of the shops, restaurants and murals found along the commerical corridor. 

Construction is anticipated to start date in early 2018 and is expected to last approximately two years. The project will include sewer work, increased pedestrian lighting, tree planting, bulb-outs and cyrb ramps, bus bulbs, sidewalk replacement, street base repairs and repaving, fiber conduit and a decorative sidewalk at the historic Haight and Ashbury intersection.

This project will include traffic/pedestrian signal upgrades at several key intersections along Haight Street. The intersections are:

•       Haight & Buchanan
•       Haight & Webster
•       Haight & Pierce
•       Haight & Scott
•       Haight & Broderick
•       Haight & Baker
•       Haight & Central
•       Haight & Clayton
•       Haight & Shrader
•       Haight & Stanyan

For more information, please review past community presentations on the Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm project.

Click here to download the Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm project board.


Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Start Date February 2018
Completion Date February 2020
Release Date
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
$12 million
Project Manager
Simon Bertrang (415) 558-4045
Alex Murillo, Public Affairs
(415) 558-5296
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Upper Haight Streetscape Boards