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  • Ames and Quane Alleyway Improvement Project

Ames and Quane Alleyway Improvement Project

The Fair Oaks Neighborhood group sees Ames and Quane Streets as an opportunity for an appealing public urban open space. By optimizing streetscape improvement features, these five blocks of narrow roadway (15 feet wide) can be enhanced to become protected and integrated greenways for urban recreation and personal delight for dog-walkers, gardeners, the elderly seeking unhurried strolls or people with disabilities who need wheelchair access to nearby neighbors or restaurants can be drawn to the alleys and local children can enjoy these renovated alleys as open space.

Neighbors are collaborating to develop a new era for these alleys, one that respects ecological systems, recognizes the need for community cohesion, and invites improvement of the area for the future. The goal is to make these alleys safe by creating outdoor spaces that will be used as a model of sustainable ecological and social practices. This project is also a model example of a public and private partnership. Public Works is currently collaborating with the neighborhood group and residents living in and around the alleys to plan and design one of the alleys Ames between 22nd and 23rd Streets. Under this pilot project, the proposal includes the reconstruction of the streets with permeable pavers with sustainable features such as water retention areas and drought tolerant plantings. The project will be privately funded, bid and constructed with Public Works providing as-needed consultation.

Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Between Guerrero and Dolores and 21st to 24th Streets; Ames Alley – 21st to 23rd Streets; Quane Alley – 21st to 24th streets
Completion Date March 2017
$3 million
Project Manager
Sherman Hom
Project Team

Fair Oaks Neighborhood Group
Public Works

(415) 558-4488