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Unwanted Handbills and Newspapers

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Newspapers on your sidewalk or handbills attached to your property can be a nuisance leading to neighborhood litter and sidewalk trash. There are city codes in place to help prevent the problem of unsolicited pamphlets and unwanted newspapers.


Handbills on Private Premises

A 'handbill' can be any type of pamphlet, booklet, card, or any other kind of printed literature, such as a menu or advertisement for services. If residents do not want handbills on their premises and take the proper steps to stop them, then the delivery of handbills is prohibited. Any person who violates the provisions of theHandbill Ordinance can be fined up to $250. Please note, the law applies to handbills, and not the delivery of newspapers.  To report problems call 311 or fill out an online service request


How to stop deliveries of handbills

To stop delivery of unwanted handbills, you must post a sign that reads: "No Handbills". The notice must be at least eight square inches and be posted in a conspicuous area.  If a sign is posted, it is illegal to distribute handbills anywhere on your property, including your porch, yard, steps, hallway, or mailbox.



If you would like to suspend or stop delivery of the Examiner, call (866) 733-7323 or email

You may also contact other newspapers directly to request that they suspend delivery to your home.


To report problems call 311 or fill out a 311 online service request.