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San Marcos / Santa Rita Avenue Roadway Improvements

In July 2016, San Francisco Public Works began roadway improvements on San Marcos and Santa Rita avenues that will include sewer replacement, stairway repair, concrete work on curbs, and sidewalk and driveway replacement. All sewers have been visually inspected via video camera and evaluated by San Francisco’s Public Utility Commission. An evaluation and condition assessment of the sewers under this project were completed and identified for full segment replacement. During detailed design, we explored trenchless technologies.  Under this project and where appropriate, two sewer location segments are designed for trenchless rehabilitation. The remaining locations are designed for open cut replacement.

Tree Hearing Presentation (Director's Decision, DPW Order 185316, posted 9/21/16)

The proximity of sewer replacement work to the tree trunks, tree size and median wall, may result in the need to remove trees. Public Works received letters protesting the proposed removal of trees from the median in Forest Hill. A tree hearing was held on Monday, August 22. 2016 to consider:

Removal with replacement of (20) twenty median street trees adjacent to 50-99 Santa Rita Avenue and 150-300 San Marcos Avenue. Public Works is committed to preserve as many trees as possible.  View the Director's Decision (DPW Order 185316) here. You may send comments or question here.   




Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
San Marcos and Santa Rita
Start Date July 2016
Project Manager
Raymond Lui
Project Team

San Francisco Public Works
Contractor:  Alta Engineering Group

Grace L.Moore, Public Affairs
415 558 5282