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Haight Street and Hayes Street

Project Update / Week of January 2, 2018

Hayes Street
This Week
- Our contractor has been installing reinforced concrete bus pads at the Hayes/Buchanan, Hayes/Van Ness, and Hayes/Clayton intersections. Bus pads are installed in the roadway at bus stop locations. This phase of work will require crews saw-cut, excavate, compact, install a rebar mat, and pour back fresh concrete. Unfortunately, once the concrete has been poured, the area will need to remain off-limits to vehicle traffic for 10 days to ensure the concrete reaches the necessary strength. Also, during bus pad construction, the work will necessitate we temporarily relocate the existing bus stop. You may see some nearby areas posted for “no parking 24x7” while they serve as the temporary bus stops. We apologize for this inconvenience. 
- The contractor also continued curb ramp work at the Hayes/Steiner, Hayes/Buchanan, and Hayes/Laguna intersections. 

- Crews also replaced damaged sections of the street base in advance of paving which is scheduled to commence at some locations in a few weeks. Street base repairs will require the contractor saw-cut the roadway and replace any broken sections of the concrete street base which is located underneath the asphalt roadway. This week, crews have been busy replacing street base on Hayes Street between Baker and Divisadero streets. 
Week of January 8, 2018
- Crews will continue working on the bus pads at Hayes/Buchanan, Hayes/Van Ness, and Hayes/Clayton intersections. As a reminder, once the concrete has been poured, the area will remain off-limits to vehicular  traffic for 10 days while the concrete cures.
- The contractor will continue street base repairs on Hayes Street between Divisadero and Scott and also Clayton and Ashbury. 
- Crews will also continue curb ramp work at the Hayes/Steiner, Hayes/Buchanan, and Hayes/Laguna intersections.
Grinding and Paving Schedule
- The contractor is tentatively targeting late January 2018 to start grinding and paving operations on Hayes Street. 
Grinding Phase: The contractor will use heavy machinery to grind (remove) the existing asphalt from the roadway. During the grinding phase, driveway access will still be possible however delays should be expected. Please allow extra travel time.
Paving Phase: Driveway access may be prohibited for several hours. The contractor will need to allow the asphalt ample time to cool-down before allowing vehicle traffic on to it.  
*** Please Note: The construction schedule is subject to change due to rain, equipment breakdown, unforeseen field conditions, etc. Please see the posted "no parking" barricades for exact parking restrictions. Parking restrictions may vary per block. ***
Haight Street
The contractor has wrapped up most of the work along Lower Haight. The work that remains under the current contract is sidewalk work at the northwest and southeast bus stops at both Divisadero/Haight and also Fillmore/Haight. The contractor will also need to complete any punch list work along Haight Street between Central and Laguna streets. We'll provide more details once the remaining work is scheduled.
For information on the upcoming Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm Project, please visit www.sfpublicworks.org/upper-haight.
Project Information
The project limits are Haight Street from Ashbury Street to Laguna Street and Hayes Street from Clayton Street to Market Street. There are several blocks included in this project. It may be weeks or months before we reach your block.
The scope of work will include sewer main and water main replacement work, traffic and pedestrian signal work, curb ramp and bulb-out work, bus pad and bus bulb work, concrete street base repairs and repaving along Haight and Hayes streets. Not all blocks listed will include sewer main and/or water main replacement work.
During sewer main replacement, sewer service will not be interrupted. Please continue to use your household plumbing as usual. However, when the San Francisco Water Department (SFWD) makes final water service connections there may be a temporary interruption to water service. Final tie-in work is traditionally done overnight to minimize disruptions to water service. Typically, there's less demand for water service overnight. SFWD will notify you in advance of any overnight tie-in work or interruptions to water service.


Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Haight Street from Ashbury Street to Laguna Street and Hayes Street from Clayton Street to Market Street.
Start Date April 2015
Release Date
Thursday, February 18, 2016
Project Team

For after-hours or urgent issues, please call Marty Murphy at Ghilotti Bros., Inc.: 415-454-7011 or 415-760-0592.

Alex Murillo
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