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Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor

Week of October 30, 2017
The contractor is scheduled to begin paver installation on the 800 block of Page Street (Pierce to Scott). Pavers will be installed along the south side (odd numbered) parking strip. During paver installation, driveway access along the south side may not be possible. However, temporary access will be restored in the evening. 

While crews work on the 800 block of Page, street parking may not be possible 24X7 along the south side of the block. Street parking will be available after work hours along the north side of the block. During daytime work hours, it will be necessary to also remove street parking along the northside of the block in order to create a safe work zone and maintain traffic along the block. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.

The paver installation work on this block is anticipated to take about 3.5 weeks to complete. It is our goal to have the paver work done by the end of November. The paver work on Waller and Pierce streets has already been completed. 

Curb ramp work continues at the southeast and northwest corners of the Scott and Fell streets intersection and the southeast corner of Scott and Oak streets. The ped bulb at the northeast corner of Scott and Fell as well as the bulb-out diverter at the southwest corner will be constructed once the opposing corners are complete. 

The project is still on track to be complete by the end of December 2017. 

Project Information
San Francisco Public Works is partnering with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to improve stormwater management and walking and biking conditions to the Lower Haight and Alamo Square neighborhoods. The project include curb ramp upgrades, bioretention area landscape installations, asphalt paving, permeable unit paver installations and drainage work. 

The goal for the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor is to create a route that is comfortable for all who walk, bike and live along the wiggle. Through bulb-outs, raised crosswalks and improved left turns for bicyclists, the completed project will ensure that pedestrians feel safe crossing the street, minimize congestion from motor vehicles and encourage slow, safe speeds from all roadway users. The project is funded by the 2011 Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond, the Proposition K Gas Tax and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Wastewater Bonds. 

Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Start Date June 2017
Completion Date December 2017
$3 million
Project Manager
Mike Rieger (415) 558-4492
Project Team

San Francisco Public Works

CF Contracting, Inc.
(415) 721-7160

Alex Murillo, Public Affairs