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Free Standing News Racks - Publishers Responsibility
Article 5.4, Section 184.2 of the Public Works Code requires the owners of free standing news racks on sidewalks to maintain a current News Rack Certificate and proof of Liability Insurance on file with the News Rack Program.  The News Rack Ordinance provides guidelines for maintenance, cleaning and for placing free standing news racks on city sidewalks. 

Fixed Pedestal News Racks - How to Apply
Parties interested in applying for space in a fixed pedestal news rack must provide the following required information before applying:  

  • News Rack Certificate giving Public Works the necessary information to contact you
  • Camera-Ready Black and White artwork showing your publication name and other required information for display on the fixed pedestal.  


Follow the guidelines in the artwork and coin plate specifications (zip). Please send all required documents to:

San Francisco Public Works                                                
Street Use and Mapping
1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

What Happens Next?  Information from your News Rack Certificate is needed to notify you when an allocation meeting is scheduled and when box spaces become available. Once you receive notification you'll be required to submit your application either at Publisher's Online Services web site, regular mail or email using the Application Form provided.  Permit approval is determined during allocation meetings conducted throughout the year.  Vacant Box Spaces are Available for qualified applicants.   

You will need a user name and password to apply. Download the Publisher's Online Services User Guide (pdf).   Approved box spaces require a $50 permit fee (per box space) to be paid in about 10 business days after approval at the allocation meeting. Approved box spaces are subject to re-assignment if permit fees are not paid by the due date. Allocation meetings are held throughout the year. Contact Nancy Xue to obtain a user name and password for access to the News Rack Program Data System. 

If you are a paid publication, you will be responsible for maintaining and replacing the coin mechanism and payment-related hardware of each fixed pedestal newsrack box space assigned to you, unless, at the time you first apply for a Fixed Pedestal Permit, you inform the City and the fixed pedestal newsrack vendor, in writing, that you want the vendor to be responsible for those tasks.

Free publications may wish to share a box.

Applications may be denied to applicants that have outstanding unpaid penalties or permit fees related to the fixed pedestal newsrack program.  All participating publications must comply with Article 5.4, Sect. 184.12 of the Public Works Code and guidelines regarding News Racks. Copies of these documents are available upon request.