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Public Works is out cleaning the streets 24/7 to keep them safe, clean and beautiful.
To report:
  • illegal dumping
  • improperly disposed of needles and medical waste
  • human waste in the public right of way

Surface Mounted Facilities (FAQ)


All answers are given in accordance with Public Works Code Article 27 and Order 182,933.

What is a Surface Mounted Facility?

Sidewalk Landscaping Resident How-To Guide

This provides information on how you participate, how much it may cost, and a sample drawing to be submitted with permit application.Sidewalk Landscaping Resident’s Guide.


Sidewalk Landscaping Sample Plans and Drawings

You are required to submit a drawing with your permit application. See below helpful sample plans:

Sidewalk Landscaping Permit Application and Approval Process


A Sidewalk Landscaping Permit grants permission to replace concrete sidewalk with landscaping to increase green spaces that are vital to San Francisco’s quality of life. A permit is required to ensure that the landscaping in sidewalk areas is properly constructed and maintained in order to maximize environmental benefits, protect public safety and limit conflicts with infrastructure.



Application and Approval Process

  1. Requests to install landscaping on sidewalks shall include the following:

Sample Layout Options for Different Sidewalk Conditions

Every sidewalk varies in width and conditions. See below helpful alternate design options and select pdf links for printable copies:

1. For sidewalk landscaping plan design options for different sidewalk widths without curbside parking

Reference Drawings and Specifications for Construction

Street Use and Mapping and our landscape architects have developed a set of reference drawings and specifications for As-Needed Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program (SIRP) sidewalk landscaping installations. These documents are useful to aid residents and/or contractors with finalizing a proposed plan for the sidewalk landscape permit application as well as a guide for City approved installation details and plan layouts.


Helpful Information for Residents and Contractors:

Recommended Trees

The Urban Forestry Council annually reviews and updates this list of trees, in collaboration with public and non-profit urban forestry stakeholders, including San Francisco’s Department of Public Works Urban Forestry Division and Friends of the Urban Forest.