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Per Article 29 Section 2908 of the Police Code, no one is allowed to perform construction activities in the Public Right of Way that exceed the ambient noise level by 5 dBA unless a Night Noise permit is previously approved by Public Works. (See Police Code for reference) 

All approved Night Noise Permits allow the Permittee to work between the hours of 8 PM to 7 AM with inspection monitoring in place; however, as a part of this approval, the noise level is not allowed to exceed 5 dBA above ambient levels after 10:00 p.m. For work occurring after 10:00 PM:

  • No high-impact and/or pneumatic tools and equipment shall be used.
  • All excavation work shall be done with the use of hand tools.
  • Work shall not produce a noise level more than ten (10) dBA above the local ambient at a measured distance of twenty-five feet from the edges of the construction site.


The reasons for approving a Night Noise Permit include the following:

  • Construction activity and noise in the vicinity of the proposed work site would be less objectionable at night than during daytime because of different population levels or different neighboring activities
  • Obstruction and interference with traffic, particularly on streets of major importance, would be less objectionable at night than during daytime (SFMTA Blue Book restriction)
  • Type/scope of work to be performed emits noises at such low levels so as to not cause significant disturbances in the vicinity of the work site; e.g. if the neighborhood of the proposed work site is primarily residential in character wherein sleep could be disturbed
  • Economic hardship would occur if the work were spread over a longer time
  • Work will abate or prevent safety hazards to life or property, if the proposed night work is in the best interest of the general public/residents


Additionally, other factors may be taken into account when approving any Night Noise Permit such as the impact to SFMTA bus routes or main thoroughfares wherein a Special traffic permit is required from SFMTA. In this type of situation, SF Public Works and SFMTA work collaboratively to determine whether a Night Noise Permit would be appropriate. 

If work is to be performed on a building between the hours of 8:00 pm and 7:00 am, you should contact the Department of Building Inspection. Work under Port Jurisdiction shall fall under the Port for necessary review. 

To register a complaint about noise while the work is in progress, please contact your local District Police Station (non-emergency line). 

For neighborhood notification mailing affidavits, please download here.


For More Information: 

SF Public Works • Bureau of Street-Use & Mapping 
1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor • San Francisco, CA 94103 
Telephone : (415) 554-5810 • Monday-Friday - map 
Operating Hours : 8:00am-5:00pm 
Permit Processing Hours : 7:30am-4:00pm