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Public Works Orders


DPW Order 162,240     Cafe Table and Chairs 
DPW Order 162,882  Placement of Scaffolding
DPW Order 165,553 Transformer Vaults
DPW Order 165,716 Temporary Occupancy of Public Right of Way
DPW Order 166,458 Sidewalk Display Merchandise
DPW Order 167,840 Guidelines for Barricade Placement
DPW Order 169,271 Subsidewalk Basement Abatement Procedure for Curb Ramp Installation
DPW Order 171,378 Dust Control
DPW Order 172,596 Downtown Streetscape
DPW Order 173,862 Additional Street Space
DPW Order 175,152 Debris Box (Amendment of Orders 144,702 and 163,958)
DPW Order 175,208 Banners
DPW Order 175,880 Flower Stands
DPW Order 176,112 Slip Resistance Standards for Sidewalk Covers
DPW Order 177,526 Good Neighbor Guidelines for Repair of Sidewalk Defects
DPW Order 178,493 Permeable Paving Systems
DPW Order 178,631 Planting, Maintenance, and Removal of Trees and Landscape Materials
DPW Order 178,806 Recycling Cobblestones and Granite Curb
DPW Order 178,884 Guidelines for Inspection of Sidewalk Defects
DPW Order 178,940 Excavating and Restoring Streets in San Francisco
DPW Order 179,201 Debris Box Rules and Regulations
DPW Order 179,231 Placement of Sidewalk Landscape Containers on Sidewalk
DPW Order 183,392 Temporary Sidewalk Extensions (Parklets)
DPW Order 183,872 Reinforced Concrete Bus Pads
DPW Order 181,306 Reinforced Concrete Sidewalk
DPW Order 181,386     Placement of A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs on Sidewalks
DPW Order 182,101 Mobile Food Facilities 
DPW Order 184,350 Curb Regulations and Guidelines
DPW Order 182,912 Placement of Mobile Storage Containers within Public Right-of-Ways
DPW Order 182,933    Surface Mounted Facilities 
DPW Order 182,974    Permit Processing Priority 
DPW Order 183,160 Establishing Standards for Temporary Tow-Away / No Parking Signs
DPW Order 183,188 Café Tables and Chairs (Sidewalk Café) in the Public Right-of-Way 2015
DPW Order 183,621 Trench Restoration Order
DPW Ordinance 119-13  Mobile Food Facilities Location Requirements (6/10/13)
DPW Ordinance 293-08  Overwide Driveway