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removing graffiti

San Francisco spends more than $20 million annually on graffiti cleanup. Public Works with local agencies and community partners to prevent graffiti, helps people remove it quickly, and provides programs and rewards for people who want to get involved. Remember, rapid removal is your best defense against graffiti vandalism. This page will help you learn about what the city is doing and what you can do to make San Francisco a graffiti-free city.


Report it

  • Public Works will paint out graffiti on public property and notify other agencies and private property owners, so they can quickly remove it. Call 911 to report graffiti in progress, report graffiti online, use the mobile SF311 app or call 311.

  • If you have photos of graffiti vandalism and tagging in your neighborhood, we can upload them into our database and forward them to the San Francisco Police Department. You can upload your images by sending us an email to along with details about the location and date/time.


Remove it and Prevent it

  • Read some tips on the best way to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces. Public Works also maintains a list of vendors who abate graffiti.


Take the Pledge

  • Help make San Francisco a graffiti-free city by committing to reporting graffiti and participating in the fight against graffiti. Take the Giant Sweep pledge!



  • If you would like to help keep your neighborhood graffiti-free, learn about volunteering for Graffiti Watch.
  • We also host monthly neighborhood cleanups and chances to beautify the City. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.


The Law



Rewards Fund

  • Public Works, the District Attorney's Office and the San Francisco Police Department have joined together to offer a reward to residents who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti vandals.


    Engaging Kids

    • Public Works and the SF Arts Commission's Where Art Lives is educating children and youth about graffiti vandalism.


    Engaging Artists

    • Public Works and the SFAC are facilitating the StreetsmARTS program, connecting artists with private property owners to create beautiful murals and deter tagging in our neighborhoods.


    Read the latest Zero Graffiti Newsletter

    • This newsletter will keep you informed of the City's progress in preventing and removing graffiti. Join the mailing list to receive each edition. Also, do you have an idea for the newsletter to submit? Let us know.   


    Advisory Board

    • Public Works helps manage the City's Graffiti Advisory Board, which advises the Mayor and Board of Supervisors about graffiti enforcement, cleanup and prevention strategies.


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